•         Behavior Plan    Messy Dogs
    Bear Branch School Rules
    Be Respectful. Be Responsible. Be Safe.
    Steps to ensure the students have a good understanding of the expected behaviors:
    Build class behavior contracts together, practice school rules during first week
    of school through PBIS, review of class expectations daily,
    weekly classroom meetings to discuss targeted skills and concerns, 
    regular counseling sessions from the counselor during specials,
      Early Act First Knight virtue lessons, and team building activities will be
    performed throughout the year 
    Grade Level Incentive
     Every week, at the end of the day, all 5th graders who choose correct behavior
    for the majority of the week and have all work completed will participate in elective time.
    Electives are 30 minutes of preferred activity classes that are created from
    student surveys and interests.
    Previous electives have been Greek mythology, sewing, song writing,
    book to movie, Lego building, sewing, Spanish, and many more.
    Elective sessions usually last about 6 weeks and then a new round of topics will be provided.
     Positive Consequences
     1. Verbal praise from the teacher 
    2. Earning Bear Tickets/Class Economy Money to purchase desired privileges
    3. Call or note home highlighting student's great behavior choices
     4. Participating in the weekly elective
    5. Gaining consideration for Early Act First Knight's Virtue recipient
    Negative Consequences Behavior Chart
     1st instance - A verbal warning / redirection / mini conference with student
    **no note in planner and if this is the only misstep of the week, there will be no other repercussion**
    2nd instance  - stamp in planner and walking at recess - up to 15 minutes 
    3rd instance - stamp in planner and silent lunch 
    4th instance - stamp in planner, loss of weekly elective,
    and possible quick meeting with counselor or administrator 
     5th instance - removal from class and/or office referral
    **punishment to be determined by administration** 
      Parents will be notified of child's behavior (email, phone call, planner, or conference)
    during the week of the incident.
    BEAR Chart
    Each week the slate is wiped clean and the opportunity to make
    appropriate choices is available to all students.
    Behavior will be documented and recorded and will be reflected
    in the conduct grade each grading period.
    Office referrals result in an instant U for unsatisfactory for the entire 9 weeks.