• HUMBLE ISD Student log in details for the McGraw-Hill 2015 adopted instructional materials. 

    Students need to log into MyHumble using their Novell user name and password and then click on the ConnectED icon. They will NOT be signing directly in to McGraw Hill / ConnectEd. Please make sure all students are going to MyHumble and signing in. 

    Digital Textbooks Access are assigned to students when they are enrolled in the course by the campus, and may take 24 hours after enrollment for digital access. 

    ·         For those courses that the student is enrolled, access to the digital textbook will be available on connectED.

    ·         Click on the picture of the textbook, To-Do, My Files or Messages to access desired digital instructional materials for each course. 


    The online resources can also be accessed at the McGraw-Hill ConnectED website 


    This link can be accessed by teachers, students, and parents on the student links page on the Humble ISD district website by clicking on the McGraw Hill Icon
    Student username and passwords      

    ·       Student User ID:  Student User ID will be  hisd+first three letters of first name+first three letters of last name+last four digits of student ID number

      • For example for student Crispus Attucks the user name would be “hisdcriatt1770

    ·       Student Password:  Your password has been defaulted to humble+Student ID Number  

    • For example for student Crispus Attucks the password would be "humble351770"