• Dear parents/guardians,

                In an effort to improve the quality of instructional time in the classroom, I am enacting a classroom cell phone policy that will need your support. Cell phones have a specific place in education but can be very disruptive at times when more traditional instructional methods are being utilized. Therefore, the policy in my classroom is as follows:


    All cell phones will be surrendered daily at the begining of class. There is a cell phone "Parking Lot" that will be clearly visible and cell phones will remain "Parked" until I give verbal permission that they can be removed from the "Lot."  There is NO educational value connected to students who are distracted by cell phone use. My personal cell phone remains on silent and in my closet UNLESS we are doing ANY emergency drill on campus and I need to report via cell phone to the KHS adminstration.

    I am also a parent and understand that there are times when I need to text my son or daughter. One thing I have learned is that unless it is a dire life-altering emergency, I NEVER text my son or daughter at their work place. I am asking that you refrain from texting your student during class/instructional time while they are on campus. It is disruptive to the learning environment. If there is a true emergency, please call the KHS greeter’s desk at 281-641-6961. State the emergency and the front desk will gladly forward your phone call to the classroom that your student is in at the time.


    In the event that a student disregards the classroom policy, a formal discipline referral will be written and sent to the Alpha Principal.  I will also email or call home to let you know that there is a problem.



    I appreciate the support you will give to this policy as a parent/guardian. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
    Patti Sano