Reading at Home

  • Students will be asked to read Tuesday to Tuesday for 60 minutes and record their reading on a reading log. Below are a few tips when reading at home.



How the 5 Finger Rule Works

    Click the link below for great tips to help your reader grow!

    Tips for Parents


  • Finding "Just Right" Books

    A "Just Right" book is a book that your child can enjoy reading independently. This will help your child develop as a reader.


    How Do I Pick out a Book? 

    • In class we use the 5 finger rule when picking out a "Just Right Book
    • You can look for the DRA levels by using Lit Leveler (a free app on smartphones).
      • If you need to know your student's DRA level feel free to email me!
    • To instill a love for reading, the reader should also think about their interest in a topic/story when choosing a book to "dive" in to
      • Ask your reader: Why do you want to read this book? Does it interest you?
  • How Do I Check For Understanding?

    Checking for understanding is an essential part when helping your reader grow. There are many different types of questions you can ask that will deepen what they are learning in the classroom.

    Below are questions you can ask your reader for different concepts taught in the classroom:


     Making Connections
    • Does this remind you of anything? Explain.
    • What is another book you have read that has something in common with _____?
    • What books, or other reading, have you read that have a similar theme or message?
    Summary & Main Idea
    • What is the story/chapter/paragraph mainly about?
    • What would be a good title for this selection?
    • Write/tell a summary including the most important details in the beginning, middle, and end.
    • What is the most important part of the text?

    Author's Purpose

    • Is the author trying to persuade, inform, or entertain the reader?
      • How do you know?
    • Why did the author write this piece?


    • How did the character feel when... (Inference=text+background knowledge)
    • What do you think will happen next? (Prediction= educated guess)

    Monitoring Yourself

    • What background knowledge do you have that relates to this topic?
    • Did you ask yourself questions as you read? If so, what? Were they answered?
    • Did you reread sections that were difficult?
    • What did you do when you came to a word you didn't know?