• Words Their Way 
    What is Words Their Way?  During Spelling this year students will participate in several word study activities that focus on a word study pattern or rule (for example: words with the long a sound like snake, or words that follow the "dropping rule").   Students will work with small groups to practice at their individual levels. Progress will be monitored using frequent assessments and writing samples.

    How can students practice at home? Each week students will bring home word sort cards and a spelling spiral. In the Spiral they have a menu with a variety of  activities.
    Some activities include the following: 
    • Open Word Sort - students should look at each card, say the word, and tell why they are sorted in that particular way.
    • Word Hunt/Literature Connection - as students read self-selected books they look for words that have the same sound and/or pattern as their words.
    • Closed Word Sort - as you call out the words, your child should write or sort them into the appropriate category.
    • Writing/Words in Context - students practice using words that follow their pattern in their own writing