• Parent and Teacher Information:

    Parents it is important that we stay in contact with each other as often as possible in order
    to support your child. I will communicate with you through my website, phone calls, progress reports,
    and online grades.
    I encourage communication with me via email messages and or phone calls; I will respond promptly.
    There is a phone in my classroom, classroom 2626. The classroom phone number is 281-641-5623.
    During the time when students are in class, all phone calls are forwarded to my voice mail. I check for messages
    at least two times during the school day. 
    When you contact me by email, please use your daughter or son's full name as the subject so that I am
    not suspicious of SPAM mail while receiving a message from an email address that I do not recognize.
    In an emergency, you can always call the office, and someone will get in immediate contact with me.
    I look forward to being a part of your child’s successful high school experience.
    Keilani Hamilton-Randolph MBA, G-MKT