• Welcome to Business Information Management 

    Grade Level: 9-12 Level Grade Points

    Prerequisite: (Recommended) Touch System Data Entry

    Recommended Supplies: Headphones, 1 box of kleenex and or baby wipes


    Course Objectives: 

    *Students implement personal and interpersonal skills to strengthen individual performance in the workplace and in society and make a successful transition to the workforce and postsecondary education.

    *Students apply technical skills to address business applications of emerging technologies, create word-processing documents, develop a spreadsheet, formulate a database, and make an electronic presentation using the appropriate software.

    Goals: This course is designed so each participant will:

    • Coordinate information management and business management to aid in business planning.
    • Enhance usability of systems operations to support business strategies and operations.
    • Analyze available software packages for use in business settings.
    • Use computer’s operating system to execute work responsibilities.
    • Apply word processing technology.
    • Identify database software to create a database.
    • Apply data entry techniques.
    • Use commands to retrieve data and create reports.
    • Apply data mining methods to acquire information.
    • Plan a business project.
    • Apply spreadsheet technology.
    • Apply presentation technology

    Extra activities include - Vertual Guest speakers 


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