• Mrs. Lampis’ Spelling Homework Menu


    Monday- Thursday: Students will be required to complete any two of the choices on the homework menu per week.


     On the top margin of your page write the number choice from the menu you are completing.

    All spelling homework must be completed in your Spelling Spiral and written in your best cursive handwriting.


    HOMEWORK is due on Fridays!!  Spelling tests will be given on Fridays!!


    1. Write your words but divide them into syllables. (YOUR WORDS MUST HAVE MORE THAN ONE SYLLABLE.)

    Write words 3 times each.

    2. Rainbow Writing: Write your spelling words using 3 different colors for each letter. Write your words 2 times each.

    3. Magazine Cut-ups

    Look through a magazine. Cut out letters and glue them on a piece of paper to make 10 of your spelling words.

    4. Use at least 10 of your spelling words in complete sentences. Make sure both spelling and grammar are correct. Don’t forget capitalization and punctuation!


    5. Take a practice spelling test!

    Have someone call out the spelling words to you as you write them down.

    6. Write synonyms (words that mean the same thing) for each spelling word.

    7. Write antonyms (words that mean the opposite) for each spelling word.

    8. Write all of your spelling words 3 times and circle the vowels in each word.

    9. Write all of your spelling words 3 times. Write the vowels in blue and consonants in red.



    10.Write the headings singular (meaning one) and plural (meaning more than one), and write each of your words under the correct heading.


    11. Write a short story using as many of your spelling words as possible. Underline your words.

    12. Write a poem, song, rap, or cheer using your spelling words.

    13. Write rhyming words for each of your spelling words.

    14. WORD HUNT: As you read, find at least 10 words with the same spelling pattern as this week’s list. Write them in your spiral with the book title.

    15. Under each heading, put your spelling words in alphabetical (ABC) order.