• Humble Elementary Sports Club

    Humble elementary sports club is a club to provide a wholesome, enjoyable experience of
    playing sports for youth in 5 th grade while teaching the basic fundamentals of the game,
    teamwork, good sportsmanship, discipline, and leadership. This club will encourage the players
    to maintain satisfactory grades in school and to emphasize the importance of keeping a proper
    relationship and balance between scholastic and athletic endeavors. We hope to provide a well-
    organized and implemented program that is appreciated and favorably received by the parents of
    the community while having a positive impact on students through sports.

    Teams will be formed each year by having tryouts open to all 5 th grade boys and girls. These
    students will be evaluated based on skill level, classroom behavior, grades, and sportsmanship.
    The sports will be based on the season; for example soccer will be played during soccer season,
    basketball during basketball season etc. Practice times will be from 7am to 8:00am on Tuesdays
    and Thursdays. Although every student who tries out for team will not make team there are
    other clubs offered such as STUCO and Eco box and once every sports season (one camp per
    sport) there will be a skills camp offered for the current sport for all students interested on
    Saturdays. Teams will compete against other humble ISD schools that have a sports club in the
    same sport. Games will be on Saturday mornings and will not require a fee to participate. Each
    parent will be required to sign a liability waiver for the child wishing to participate in any sport.
    This club will continue throughout the years and will not just be a one year and done. I will be
    the club booster and volunteer my time before and after school each year to make sure these
    students develop the skills and character needed to succeed in life.