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    AP Biology/DC Biology Course Syllabus

    Anatomy and Physiology Honors/DC

    Welcome to Mr. Cordill's Biology Page! We are going to have a great year together! Additional course information and class resources are located in Schoology.

    Teaching Schedule:
    Pd 1: Conference
    Pd 2: AP Biology II                                  Room 3004
    Pd 3: Anatomy & Physiology                Room 3004
    Pd 4: Anatomy & Physiology                Room 3004
    Pd 5: Anatomy & Physiology                Room 3004
    Pd 6: AP Biology II                                  Room 3004
    Pd 7: AP Biology II                                  Room 3004


    Contact Mr. Cordill

    Email: william.cordill@humbleisd.net

    Phone: 281-641-7206 (Please be aware I have limited phone access during class)

    You may reach me by phone during 1st period, my conference period.


    You may also reach me through my Schoology class.

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    AP Biology: A Lunch on Wednesdays, Room 3004


    Anatomy and Physiology: A Lunch on Thursdays, Room 3004