• Laura Roberts

    Reporting Absences:

    • Call the Attendance Line: (281) 641-1619 or email to: Laura.Roberts@humbleisd.net.
    • Include your child's name and "Absence" in the subject line and the date of absence, grade, teacher name, and reason for absence in the body of the email.
    • Notification of reason for absence by 10:00 am will prevent the automated phone call from the district notifying parents of an unexcused absence.

    Students Checking Out Early:

    • If your student has an afternoon appointment, and you must check out your student early from school, we ask that you do so before 2:45 pm. The last part of the day is a very busy time of day for your child and school officials. Announcements are being made, and students are finalizing daily work, packing up, and preparing for the next day. We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to this rule, to help you check out your child in a timely manner, as school personnel may not be immediately available to check out students after 2:45 pm.

    If a student must miss school for a legitimate and excusable reason, as the Parent/Student Handbook states, the student’s parent/guardian must submit an excuse in writing that states the reason for each absence and is signed by the parent/guardian or healthcare professional. The excuse should be submitted to the school immediately upon the student's return but will be accepted no later than 48 hours from when the student returns to school.

    Important Ways You Can Help!

    • Try to schedule doctor appointments after school or during release times.

    • If your son/daughter does have a routine doctor appointment during the school day, plan for them to attend school before or after the appointment. When your son/daughter attends school for any part of the day of the appointment and returns with a note from the doctor, the state will consider him/her present for attendance purposes for that day.

    • If your son/daughter is required to attend court, please make sure he/she turns in documentation from the court stating that they were there. The state will consider him/her present for attendance purposes for that day.

    • Make sure we have your correct email address on our records. We have an automated system that picks up any unexcused absences and sends out an email alerting you of the unexcused absence. This is usually run daily.

    • You can keep track of your son/daughter's attendance and grades by signing in to HAC, Home Access Center. You can log in or create your account at this address: https://www.humbleisd.net/hac. 

    You can find more information concerning Attendance Regulations and Policies in the Parent/Student Handbook.