• Daniel Slack, Jr. DIF - LABDaneil Slack, Jr.

    Greetings! I am Daniel Slack, the son of a Vietnam Veteran and a life-long educator.
    A student of life with goals to see a bright future for ALL students I encounter. I am
    neither delusional nor naïve to believe this to be an easy task. However, the staff and
    I implore you, the parents and community, to join us in this glorious endeavor.
    You see the vision of Humble Middle School “Making our best, BETTER!” requires all
    parties to be involved. This involvement is in many forms but the primary form is
    support. Our students want to learn and desire to grow into productive citizens. No
    matter what their future occupations, it is in their nature to strive for success. Why not
    nurture this dream and plant the seeds of fulfillment now?
    The Alpha (DIF-LAB) team at Humble Middle School, is an engaged group of
    educators who see the pride in excellence and it is our goal to see your students to
    take flight in this notion. Education is the key. It teaches us resiliency when faced
    with hard life choices. We cannot and will not give up on our students! Please join us
    this school year for events, homework, and general day to day encouragement. If you
    believe then they will achieve! Welcome to Humble Middle School and I look forward
    to working with you this school year.