• What is a vision board?

    A vision board can be developed digitally by making a collage on power point or creating a collage with glue, paper, scissors, and a magazine. This is an opportunity to find images that will remind you of goals you would like to accomplish within a short time period.  I recommend setting your goals/visions with a possible six to twelve month completion period. Be careful not to make it a checklist, it is a reminder throughout the year of what you would like to accomplish. 

    What type of goals? Let's start simple like a career change, Good grades, making new friends, joining clubs, exercising, etc.  Focus on things you are in charge of not something that depends on someone else to accomplish.

    Remember, it is your board, your greatest dreams, and desires. Once your vision board, is complete you will be able to look at it as a reminder of the things you want to accomplish. 

    Most of all HAVE FUN! 

Vision Board