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    Medication at school is serious business. For the safety of all students, Humble ISD has a strict policy that no medications be transported by a student to school.  An authorized adult is required to drop of and pick up any medications from the school clinic.
    **Cough/throat drops are not FDA approved and are not be given at school. Please see the district policy.
    A parent authorization form with signature must be completed for any student to received medication at school. 
    Physician's orders are required for emergency medications, short term medications to be given more than 10 days, and "as needed" medication if they are given more than 4 times a month.
    Medication administration forms (doctor orders) can be found in the Helpful Documents section.


    Medications are to be in the original container.


    Prescription medications should have a pharmacy label with your child’s name on it, with instructions matching the doctor's order.


    Herbal and homeopathic medications and remedies cannot be administered at school.



    ***Children should be free of symptoms such as fever, vomiting and diarrhea for 24 hours before returning to school without the use of symptom controlling medications.***




    Contact the school nurse if you have any further questions at: 281-641-3605