Kingwood Park HS Orchestra
    Young Composers Project
    Starting in the 2015-2016 school year, the Kingwood Park HS Orchestra program partnered with the University of Houston, Moore School of Music, to create a Young Composers Project.  The goal of this project is:
          1.  Commission a current UH student majoring in composition
          2.  Work alongside Dr. Rob Smith and the young composer throughout the year on his/her work
          3.  Allow the composition student multiple opportunities to hear their work rehearsed before completion
          4.  Give the composer a chance to gain "real world experience" in working with a high school orchestra on the
                commissioning process.
          5.  The composition will be performed by the Chamber Orchestra at the Spring Concert
    In 2015, Madeline Styskal was selected as the first composer in the Project.  On Tuesday, May 17, the KPHS Chamber Orchestra premiered her piece, Road to Rossyln.  Madeline's letter to the orchestra:
                   "Dear Members of the Kingwood Park Chamber Orchestra,
                   Thank you so much for all your work this year learning and premiering Road to Rosslyn.  I was absolutely thrilled 
                   with your vivid performance--not just of Road to Rosslyn, but of your whole set.  Every one of you played with 
                   artistry and passion!  It was such a special experience collaborating with you all this year.  Thanks for sharing 
                   your gift!
                   All the Best,
                   Madeline Styskal
    Victor Rangel was selected as the Young Composer for 2017.  On Tuesday, May 16, the KPHS Chamber Orchestra premiered his piece, Harbinger.  Victor wrote to the orchestra:
                   Thank you so much for all of your hard work in bringing Harbinger to life and for the wonderful opportunity that you gave
                   me. You have a very smart and talented group and it was an enormous pleasure to work with this organization.  I was
                   extremely impressed by how young your program is as it most certainly does not seem that way by the level at which
                   you perform.  Thank you so much for everything and I wish you guys the best!
                   Victor Rangel 
    KPHS Orchestra Young Composers Project
    Year Composer Composition Orchestra
    Spring 2016 Madeline Styskal Road to Rosslyn Chamber
    Spring 2017 Victor Rangel Harbinger Chamber
    Spring 2018 Kyle Rivera Protector Chamber
    Spring 2018 Sasha Behrend Waltz Symphony
    Spring 2019 Tomas Garcia Shades of Vermillion Chamber
    Spring 2019 Ethan Adkison Dance and Dismantle Symphony
    Spring 2020 Joshua Arnoldy Start of It All Chamber
    Spring 2020 J.E. Hernandez Popocatepetl Symphony (Performed by Chamber)
    Spring 2021 NO NEW COMPOSITIONS - Performances of 2020 Commissions
    Spring 2022 David Sigh  Title TBD Chamber
    Spring 2022 Aaron Perez  Title TBD Symphony