• Accelerated Reader- Web-Based Accelerated Reader is offered to our Oaks Students. Over 40,000 titles are now available. 

     Accelerator Reader Info


    The Accelerated Reader Program has been a voluntary successful program to encourage children to read and understand what they read. The steps involved with the optional program include reading a book from the Accelerated Reader List (found on The Oaks Website), then taking a test on a school computer about the book. The more difficult the reading level and the more correct answers given, earns more points for the students. Students are then given various rewards for the points they earn. To access the list of books that have AR tests follow the following steps on your computer: Go to www.humblisd.net/oe Click on Library , under Databases click on Destiny.  On the HomePage on the top left there is an AR Category. The top link lets students check for AR books. The bottom link lets students log in. 

    Some of the important rules of AR include: Students may read one grade level below their own grade level or higher. For example, if your student is a second grader, he/she can read First grade, Second Grade, Third Grade, or higher reading level books. Watching the movie doesn’t count. Students must make a 70% or higher on their score for the points to count. Students may take up to 2 tests a day, no more. Younger students should read the book 2 or 3 times to check for understanding. Parents, teachers, older siblings may read the book to the child; however, they need to be able to read the test in order to pass it. The books can be found in the school library, public library, classroom library, or home library. Just be sure it is written by the correct author from the list. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Bonnie at 281-641-1806.