• Welcome to Riverwood Middle School Special Education and the 2021-2022 School Year!
    Sarah Zerface- SpEd Campus Specialist (SCS)
    Cindy Griffin-Diagnostician
    Lee Engelhardt- Diagnostician 
    Grayson Van Meter- SPEAK Transition
    Ebony McMillian - In-Class Support - 6th Science/6th World Cultures/7th RELA/8th RELA
    Paul Mount - ESL/ Dyslexia/In-Class Support 6th RELA
    Courtney Solomon - Applied Skills
    David Souders - In-Class Support - Social Skills/7th Texas History/8th US History/7th Science/8th Science
    Emily Hudson-In- Class Support-6-8 Math/8th RELA
    Karen Mata-Applied Skills
    Tiffany Mooring-Speak Transition
    Daisy Velasco-Speak Transition
    Monique Ward-Speak Transition
    Karen Adams-In-class support
    Nancy Wilson-In-class support
    Jing Yuan-In-class support