• 6th Grade Frequently Asked Questions....


    1.  Who is the 6th grade Assistant Principal and Counselor for my incoming 6th grader ? 

    The current 8th grade Assistant Principal and Counselor will be the 6th grade Assistant Principal and Counselor for the following year.


    2.  How do I register my incoming 6th grader?

    Tiger Check-In is Tuesday, August 6th from 7:30am - 12pm & 2pm - 6pm, all returning students are required to attend Tiger Check-In with a parent/guardian..  This is a "one stop shop" for all students to register for the school year and take their student ID photo.



    3.  Should my incoming 6th grader take Pre-AP classes OR On-Level classes?

    When you complete your child's course card in the Spring, please take into consideration the 5th grade teacher recommendation.  If you would like your child to attend Pre-AP classes, then please indicate that on the course card.


    4.  What is the difference between Pre-AP classes and On-Level?

    Pre-AP classes are usually faster pace and more rigorous that On-Level.  Testing formats are you usually different as well.

    Below are some Sample Test questions and explanations taken from each subject area to provide a visual of the difference:

    6th Grade Sample Questions/Explanations



    Compare and contrast Elements and Compounds. Give 2 similarities and 3 differences for full credit. Must be answered in complete sentences  (Hint: remember your Venn Diagram?)


    Water (H2O) is not found on the Periodic Table of Elements because water is a(n):

    a. Compound

    b. Atom

    c. Mixture

    d. Solution



    Pre-AP/On-Level: requires outside reading of articles, novels, and short stories on a weekly basis. This allows the students to come to class with the material read, and provides opportunities for students to engage in academic discussion on the material read. Reading that is extremely difficult, such as Shakespeare, is often read in class to ensure proper comprehension. 

    The writing component of a PAP class is also more rigorous when compared to on-level. Students write analysis essays a few times a year, and the majority of the work is completed outside of class. 

    Quote from a teacher: "PAP is great for a child who is extremely self-motivated and willing to perform the majority of work outside of class. This student would be challenged academically, and a commitment to extensive reading is writing is required.  Of course any student who is up to the challenge and willing to manage a good work ethic has the possibility of doing well." "Pre-AP has more projects outside of class than On-Level."




    1. The expression below describes an

    arithmetic sequence of numbers.

                   9 - 4n

    If n represents the position of a term in

    the sequence, which of the following

    sequences of numbers could this

    expression describe?

    A. 4, 3, 2, 1, 0, . . .

    B. 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, . . .

    C. 5, 1, -3, -7, -11, . . .

    D. 13, 17, 21, 25, 29, . . .


    1.  A 7-inch candle burns at a rate of 2

    inches an hour. Which equation

    represents the relationship between y,

    the height of the candle in inches, and x,

    the number of hours the candle burns?

    A.  y = 2x + 7

    B.  y = 7 - 2x

    C.  y = 2 - 7x

    D.  y = 7x + 2


    World Cultures

    Pre-AP/On-LevelOn Pre-AP assessments there is more reading passages and more questions than on on-level.  Students will be strong Pre-AP students if they are also strong readers.



    5.  What is the morning routine for 6th grade students?

    All students are able to be dropped off to the patio area facing the teacher parking lot.  At 8 AM 6th grade students are expected to come into the cafteria a sit from 8-8:30. 


    6.  When will my 6th grader eat lunch?

    As of the 2019-2020 school year, AMS will adopt grade-level lunches.  Most of the 6th grade population will eat lunch with their grade level during 4th period.  This is subject to change on Thursdays due to late arrival and having lunch during 3rd period class.


    7.  How do I report my child's attendance and absences?

    You may contact the AMS Attendance Specialist by phone at 281-641-4603.


    9.  Since my student is not allowed to be in Athletics due to UIL guidelines, what groups or organizations are available for my child?

    Student Council




    Service Learning

    No Place for Hate





    10.  If my student would like to take off campus physical education, what steps do I take as a parent?

    1.  Go to the Humble ISD website

    2.  Go to departments

    3. Click on Atheltics

    4.  There you will find a vendor list and an application to complete.  Please verify that your child's organization is on the vendor list to ensure application approval.

    5.  Complete the forms and return it to Ms. Helen Wagner.

    6. Once Approved, it will be returned and sent to AMS, and the AMS counselor will correct the student's schedule accordingly.


    11.  My student will be a transfer student to AMS next year...

    If you have received confirmation that your child is an approved transfer to AMS, please communicate this with your child's current elementary registrar and they are able to change the next year building in eschool.  Once this occurs, the AMS counselor can see your child to enter their course requests.  


    12.  I would like me child to "skip" the 6th grade, or move up in one or more subject areas...

    Please contact AMS.  You will then speak with your upcoming 6th grade counselor.  There will be forms to complete, once you decide exactly what tests need to be taken.  You will return these forms and the counselor will return them to Student Support Services for the tests to be ordered.  Testing usually takes place beginning in May and during the summer.  There is no cost to you for these tests.


    13.  If I have more questions for next year, who do I contact?

    You may contact your child's current counselor or call AMS to ask who your child's counselor will be for next year.