KHS Debate Scholarships and Awards

  • 2019 NSDA National Tournament

    Kingwood Debate brought 7 competitors to the National tournament in Dallas, TX.

    Darian McCrary earned the honor of 2nd overall speaker in World Schools Debate at the National Speech and Debate Association's National Tournament. There were over 700 students entered in WSD.

    Emily Grantham and Leila Saklou made it to quarterfinals in World Schools Debate.

    Pipa Powers, Darian McCrary, Jacob Vasquez, and Raul Diaz Millan made it to triple-octafinals in World Schools Debate.


    2019 Texas Forensics Association State Tournament

    Kingwood brought 10 students to the TFA State competition. Four Kingwood debaters earned the honor of receiving top speaker awards in World Schools Debate.

    Pipa Powers - 1st speaker

    Emily Grantham - 2nd speaker

    Jacob Vasquez - 3rd speaker

    Leila Saklou - 4th speaker

    Additionally, the WSD team of Jacob Vasquez, Pipa Powers, Raul Diaz Millan, and Maddie Duncan made it to quarterfinals of the state tournament, and Team Queenwood featuring Leila Saklou, Emily Grantham, and Darian McCrary earned the title of the first ever TFA State Champions in World Schools Debate.

    Braden Hopkins also made school history as the first student to compete at the state tournament in Informative Speaking, making it all the way to semifinals.


    2018 NSDA World Schools Debate National Champions

    Emily Grantham & Leila Saklou


    2018 3rd Overall Best World Schools

    In the summer of 2018, Kingwood Debaters won the largest World Schools Debate Tournament ever held anywhere on planet earth. The NSDA (National Speech and Debate Association) is the sole governing body of high school debate in the United States. The NSDA National Tournament represents the one annual tournament that crowns a true national champion. Our debaters' undefeated record of 12-0 earned them the title of NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!


    Speaker, NSDA Nationals

    Darian McCrary

    The 2018 NSDA National Tournament boasted over 900 debaters from across the nation competing in WSD, making it the largest tournament in history. Based on individual scores, Darian won the prestigious honor of being named the 3rd Overall Best Speaker in the entire tournament.


    NSDA Academic All-Americans

    NSDA All-Americans have to show a commitment to academic excellence while excelling in their activity over the course of their high school career. Each recipient has maintained the unweighted equivalent of a 3.8 GPA or better, earned the required performance points from NSDA, and exceeded the demanding scoring requirements on the ACT or SAT. 

    Emily Grantham, Class of 2019 

    Alex Gagne, Class of 2018 (University of British Columbia)

    Connor Smith, Class of 2017 (University of Texas)

    Reese Grayson, Class of 2016 (University of Texas)



    The following Kingwood Debaters have repreesnted their country in international debate in the World Schools format. Kingwood Debate proudly boasts five current or former members of Team USA and the USA Developmental Squad. Each year, there are only NINE students nationally chosen to represent the United States in international competition. There are only FIVE of those nine chosen to represent the US at the WSDC World Championships. Kingwood Debate has the highest number of students chosen from any one public school in the country named to TEAM USA. 

    Emily Grantham

    2018 TEAM USA World Championship Team Member

    2019 TEAM USA Member


    Leila Saklou

    2018 TEAM USA World Championship Team Member

    2019 TEAM USA Member


    Darian McCrary

    2018 TEAM USA Developmental Squad

    2019 TEAM USA Developmental Squad


    Gaurav Gawankar

    2017 TEAM USA Member


    Colette Faulkner

    2017 TEAM USA, World Championship Team Captain