• Heat Precautions and Policies 
    Humble ISD has a high heat and humidity policy that determines when it is safe to practice. We will be following these guidelines to determine if and for how long we will be practicing when the mercury rises as it has been. This policy takes into consideration a dry bulb reading of the temperature as well as the humidity. 
    Every day we do have practice the kids will have unlimited water breaks. They do not have to ask for permission. We will also take short breaks and get in the shade. Our plan is to also have buckets with ice water and a sponge in it, so the kids can squeeze it over their heads to cool off.
    There will be mandatory water breaks every 15-20 minutes. While we will have a hydration station available, your son should bring his own water in a jug each day. Please make sure his name is on it.

    Your son should be hydrated before he gets to school each day. Hydration for each days practice must begin the night before. He needs to drink half his body weight in ounces of water everyday. He should get some water going to every period and drink plenty at lunch. Once he is dehydrated it's too late.

    PLEASE have your son refrain from drinking any type of sodas or sugary drinks, including Powerade. Water is the best thing to drink.   If your son is properly hydrated his urine will be completely clear.
    If your son has Asthma, we must have an inhaler in our possession. We will label them and keep them in our medicine kit. Your son should also have an inhaler in his possession.  He is not allowed to use another athletes inhaler.

    We will be giving more information at the Spaghetti Dinner on September 9.

    Humble ISD Cold Weather Guidelines
    Click to view HumbleISD's new policy for athletic participation during cold weather

    We will take every precaution necessary to insure the safety of our athletes.