• What's Up Doc?

    This page provides access to the What's Up Doc? Newsletters as well as the What's Up Tonight, Doc? Spreadsheet.  They are all free and can be downloaded from this web page.  The What's Up Doc? Newsletter is a collection of objects to view each month.  It is centered on the 15th of the month at 9:00 pm.  It is organized by naked-eye objects, binocular objects, and telescope objects.  Within each grouping there are lists of available objects organized by the Astronomical League Observing Programs.  Many astronomy clubs are part of the Astronomical League.  You may also join as a Member-At-Large.  For more information about the Astronomical League, go to their website by clicking here.

    If you would like to be on the distribution list to automatically receive the What's Up Doc? Newsletter each month, please send an email to Aaron Clevenson.

    There are now generating three versions of the Newsletter (click to download):

    The What's Up Tonight, Doc? is a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet.  This spreadsheet has information on almost all of the Astronomical League Observing Programs.  It lets you see a list of objects alphabetically or from the highest altitude to the horizon.  You may also sort the entire list or sort the list for a specific Observing Program.  The spreadsheet includes Macros which will not work right on an Apple computer.  It is a large file and may be slow to download.

    What's Up Tonight, Doc? (updated 8/1/2018)


    Dr. Aaron B. Clevenson
    Observatory Director
    Insperity Observatory in Humble ISD