• CMS Cell Phone Policy

    There are constant reminders of the disruptive nature of cell phones ringing in movie theatres, concert halls, and business meetings. Add the feature of text messaging and you wonder why some people bother to attend the theatre, sporting event, or meeting. In a classroom with 27 students, the phone calls, text messages, and other communication through various social media sites are educationally disruptive.

    School district policy, as it relates to cell phones at the middle school, states:
    “Students are allowed to use district or personal technology devices that can access the Internet for educational purposes as determined by the campus and/or classroom teacher. Students will not be allowed to use the devices during passing periods or in the cafeteria, or in any classroom without the express permission of the teacher.” When a student has a cell phone out and visible to school personnel, whether it is being used or not, in class, hallways, or other areas of the building during the school day, the phone will be confiscated and turned over to a school administrator.

    The following procedures will be followed for student cell phones that are out between 8:25 a.m. and 400 p.m. on school days:

    • First Offense: Phone released to student at the end of the school day. Lunch Detention
    • Second Offense: Phone released to parent/guardian at the end of the school day. School Detention
    • Third Offense: Phone released to parent/guardian the next school day. The third offense will be considered insubordination and be a 2 hour School Detention.
    • Fourth Offense: Phone released to parent/guardian after a mandatory parent conference to discuss the issue. The fourth offense will be considered a repeated pattern of insubordination and result in Saturday Detention.
    • Gifth offense is subject to an additional school consequence.

    Any offenses that involve videoing or taking pictures of students and sending messages or posting comments to social media throughout the school day are subject to separate consequences pending investigation by an administrator.