Credit By Exam for Acceleration

    Credit By Exam for Acceleration

    Humble ISD provides testing sessions for students who wish to attempt credit by exam for acceleration to skip a grade. 

    For students interested in skipping a grade next school year, testing will be available during the Spring and Summer.

    Registration is due to Mrs. Bleiberg on February 25th by 12 noon for Spring testing.  Summer deadlines are below.


    Testing Dates      Deadline

    March 16-20         February 25

    June 8-11             May 8

    July 6-9                May 8



    Interested students/parents will need to contact the School Counselor, Mrs. Bleiberg at 281-641-2407 or retta.bleiberg@humbleisd.net


    CBE for Acceleration Application

    On-line Reviews: Exam reviews are available on-line at the Texas Tech website at
    http://www.depts.ttu.edu/ode or http://www.dce.ttu.edu