Credit By Exam for Acceleration


    Humble ISD provides testing sessions for students who wish to attempt credit by exam for acceleration to skip a grade. 

    Fall Testing Dates:
    October 14-18, 2019

    Spring and Summer Testing Dates:

    March 16-20, 2020                Deadline to register:  February 25, 2020

    June 8-11, 2020                    Deadline to register:  May 8, 2020

    June 30-July 2, 2020            Deadline to register:  May 8, 2020


    Testing Criteria:
    To skip a grade, elementary students must take 4 tests and middle school students must take 8 tests – Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science for the grade they wish to skip. A score of 80% is required on all tests for the student to be eligible to skip the grade. Students are allowed 3 hours for each test although they rarely use that much time.


    To register a student for credit by exam for acceleration, please contact Retta Bleiberg at 281-641-2407 or retta.bleiberg@humbleisd.net


    Additional information can be found on the Humble ISD Credit by Exam page.

    For any questions, please contact the school counselor, Retta Bleiberg, at (281) 641-2407 or e-mail at retta.bleiberg@humbleisd.net.