Humble Independent School District mission states our purpose is to “develop each child intellectually, artistically, emotionally, physically, and socially so that all students are life-long learners, complex thinkers, responsible global citizens, and effective communicators.” Aligned with our district’s core mission, Humble Independent School District recognizes the need for a rigorous, standards-based curriculum that meets the needs of a diverse student population. Humble Independent School District is committed to the development of a curriculum that imparts knowledge, concepts, skills, processes, and attitudes necessary to prepare students for many paths and empower them to be successful in a rapidly changing world. 

Dr. Ann Johnson Chief Academic Officer
Dr. Ann Johnson
Phone 281-641-8330
Email Ann.Johnson@humbleisd.net
Website humbleisd.net/academics
Melissa Hayhurst Assessment & Authentic Learning
Melissa Hayhurst, Executive Director
Phone 281-641-8330
Email Melissa.Hayhurst@humbleisd.net
Website humbleisd.net/academics

Dr. Warren Roane Accountability & Research
Dr. Warren Roane, Director
Phone 281-641-8124
Email Warren.Roane@humbleisd.net
Website humbleisd.net/accountability
Dr. Charles Ned Advanced Academics
Dr. Charles Ned, Director
Phone 281-641-8125
Email Charles.Ned@humbleisd.net
Website humbleisd.net/advancedacademics
Dr. Melissa Leigh Curriculum & Professional Learning
Dr. Melissa Leigh, Director
Phone 281-641-8348
Email Melissa.Leigh@humbleisd.net
Website humbleisd.net/pl
Lisa McCorquodale Curriculum & Professional Learning
Lisa McCorquodale, Director
Phone 281-641-8447
Email Lisa.McCorquodale@humbleisd.net
Website humbleisd.net/pl
Stefanie Perry Curriculum & Project Support
Stefanie Perry, Director
Phone 281-641-8338
Email Stefanie.Perry@humbleisd.net
Website humbleisd.net/academics
Mary Kay Gianoutsos Evaluation
Mary Kay Gianoutsos, Director
Phone 281-641-8128
Email MaryKay.Gianoutsos@humbleisd.net
Website humbleisd.net/evaluation
Stephanie Coronado Professional Learning & Program Design
Stephanie Coronado, Director
Phone 281-641-8368
Email Stephanie.Coronado@humbleisd.net
Website humbleisd.net/pl
Dr. Jamie Bryson State & Federal Programs
Dr. Jamie Bryson, Director
Phone 281-641-8385
Email Jamie.Bryson@humbleisd.net
Website humbleisd.net/StateFederal

Carrie Chandler Executive Administrative Assistant
Carrie Chandler
Phone 281-641-8330
Email Carrie.Chandler@humbleisd.net
Website humbleisd.net/academics
Kelly Davis Office Professional
Kelly Davis
Phone 281-641-8320
Email Kelly.Davis@humbleisd.net
Website humbleisd.net/academics
Dr. Robert Meaux Instructional Assessment Application Developer / Analyst
Dr. Robert Meaux
Phone 281-641-8123
Email Robert.Meaux@humbleisd.net
Website humbleisd.net/academics

  • Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
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