• General Science Fair Information

    Elementary Schools:
    General Information for parents and students about elementary science fairs at their local elementary school:

    We have tried to collect information together that is of use to students and their parents.
        • Each elementary school has their own process for conducting the science fair at their school.  Be sure that you review any paperwork that is provided by the elementary school to know the deadlines and dates for their specific fair.
        • A schedule of the dates for all of the fairs participating in the judging exchange will be posted annually.
        • This information is useful to students and parents in doing their projects and preparing for the science fairs:

    If you or your student are asked to go to the District Science Engineering Fair to represent their elementary school, you will be given another paper from the elementary school with information about the District Fair for the current year.  Please be sure to read the details about setup times and dates as well as the times and dates for the fair. 

    Secondary Schools (MIddle School Students and High School Students):

    Students in the secondary schools do not have fairs at their individual schools.  They are all welcome at the District Fair.

    If you participate in the District Fair, you will be able to participate in the Regional Fair in Houston, and possibly beyond.  The Regional Fair in Houston does require pre-approval for some projects to participate.

    Your project should be done using the same organization and processes as for Elementary Projects:

    Eighth grade students and up are eligible to move on to the Houston Regional Science Fair.  Projects that involve hazardous materials, animals, and humans require pre-approval from Houston.  If you are planning to do one of these, send an email to Aaron Clevenson at aaron@clevenson.org  to get details. 

    Please send an email to Aaron Clevenson at aaron@clevenson.org with this information:

    • Your name
    • Your email
    • Your postal address
    • Your grade
    • Your School's name
    • Your Teacher's name
    • Your Project's Title
    • A very brief description of what your Project's Obsective is

    If you have any questions, please send them to Aaron Clevenson at aaron@clevenson.org