Advancement Via Individual Determination

What is AVID?

    Establish an enriching, motivating, empowering environment in which all students develop a growth mindset toward learning.
    Provide all students with fundamental skills to promote academic success, self-efficacy, self-advocacy as they begin their educational journey.
    • Experience Writing to learn, Inquiry, Collaboration,Organization, and Reading across the curriculum.
    • Develop Student Success skills, partnerships,and a college-going mentality in all students.
    • Provide tools for all students to effectively navigate the culture of school systems and academic transitions throughout their educational careers.
    • Strengthen transition across entire feeder patterns.
    • Develop a common language of articulation,calibration,assessment, and accountability to promote equity and access for all students across the AVID College Readiness System:
    AVID Elementary in the classroom at OAKS
    • Students will fill out a planner daily and include the learning objective for each class along with their homework, important school due dates, and important social dates in order to foster a "plan ahead" mentality.
    • The Binder is used as an organizational tool for accountability and responsibility.
    • SMART goal-setting skills in the classroom.
    • Time Management Skills
    • Note-taking strategies- STAR notes, 2 column notes, and three column notes prepare students for Cornell notes in middle and high school.
    • Collaborative learning.
    • Inquiry method
    • Effective reading strategies for comprehension.
    • Building community within the school and the classroom with open communication.
    These skills will help our students: 
    -develop intrinsic motivation
    -promote a belief that academic rigor is expected, possible and attainable.
    -Strengthen the bridge between elementary and middle school.
    All information from this page was retrieved from: Advancement Via Individual Determination Foundations: Implementation Resource Book