Canine Counselor

  • Dear Woodland Hills Families,

     Counseling services at WHE include individual or group counseling, guidance lessons, parent and/or teach conferences, and referrals.  Last school year we welcomed a new member of the Counseling Team, George Springer the Comfort Dog.  He is a two year old Golden-Doodle Mix Breed and has been trained to work with counseling sessions (individual and group) as well as visiting classrooms during guidance lessons.  This opportunity has been made possible by the Humble Education Foundation to fund his training through LET’S GO!! Dog Training. The grant funded was for George's extensive training to prepare for the Good Canine Citizen Certification.

     George will be on campus 1-2 times a week for the full school day. (As of now, there are no set scheduled days, however, staff will be made aware first thing in the morning on the day(s) he attends school).

     We all have stressful days and hard times. Students need to feel they have a calm place for regrouping their feelings. Through the WHE Counseling Program our goal is for students to return to the classroom ready to learn and feel successful.

     If you DO NOT want your child to work with George, please contact School Counselor, Kristin Johnson.

     George and I look forward to working with your children this school year! J



    WHE School Counselor
    ~Kristin Johnson




    In May 2018 I was awarded funds from The Humble ISD Education Foundation grant I wrote in February 2018 “Paws for a Cause: Canine Counselor.”  This grant proposal includes the addition of a four-legged counselor/comfort dog to our school’s counseling program. This project will be instrumental in encouraging the emotional well-being of at-risk students, increase students’ confidence, working on self-management skills, decrease stress, eliminate test anxiety, and promote social interaction, while building relationships to create positive connections with peers and adults.

    George has been in a very comprehensive training to become an AKC Certified Comfort Dog through the amazing Let's Go! Positive Reinforcement Dog Training, LLC.  He graduated from training in June 2018.  He worked hard for his first year as a comfort dog.  George is a now 2 years old.  He’s a Golden-Doodle breed, and he was adopted from a family member in October 2017 when he was only 9 weeks old!!

    While he is on campus, George will have a specific role to play.  He will always be under the care of his handler, (Kristin Johnson), the counselor!  George is an extremely sweet dog who shows zero aggression towards others.  The students will have special opportunities to read to him and other positive interactions as supervised by the school counselor.

    Woodland Hills Elementary is one of several schools in the Humble ISD school district who have the incredible opportunity for comfort dogs through grants funded by The Humble ISD Education Foundation.


    All students will learn the following about safety with animals:


    5 Things to know about me (and all pets):

     1. Be gentle and calm.

    Please don't make sudden moves and startle me. Please don't pet me too hard or pull on my ears or tail.

     2. Understand that I am not a toy.

    I'm always happy to see you, but sometimes I don't want to play.

     3. There must always be an adult present when children play with me. 

    I feel safer for both you and I when there's an adult nearby. Don't you?

     4. Help take care of my basic needs and respect my moods.

    I need my owner to feed me, give me fresh water every day, give me a safe place to sleep and play, and help keep me clean.

     5. Treat me with kindness and make me feel safe. 

    Please don't pinch me or pull on my tail or ears. Please don't do anything I wouldn't expect.