• Congratulations on being selected Teacher of the Year for your campus! What an extraordinary honor! You are a role model for your colleagues and a blessing to your students. Thank you for sharing your talent and energy with Humble ISD!

    As the Campus Teacher of the Year, you will be considered for the honor of Humble ISD Elementary or Secondary Teacher of the Year and Humble ISD District Teacher of the Year. 

    To be considered for District Teacher of the Year, you will need to submit the following by 4:30 p.m. Thursday, February 16:

    • 2017-18 Texas Teacher of the Year Candidate Application Form

    • Humble ISD Teacher of the Year Agreement

    • Professional Biography essay (Limit: Two double-spaced pages) What are the background, people and events that persuaded you to become a teacher? Describe your most significant contributions and accomplishments in education.

    • Education Issues and Trends essay (Limit: Two double-spaced pages) What do you consider to be the major issues in public education today? Address one in depth, outlining possible causes, effects and resolutions.

    • Letter of Recommendation Letter written by a person of your choice (see restrictions on who is eligible to write a letter) sharing why you are an outstanding teacher. Space limit: 8.5 x 11, single-sided, may be single-spaced, double-spaced or handwritten. 
      Restrictions on whom is eligible to write the letter: The letter may be written by anyone except for students to whom you currently assign a grade, parents of students to whom you currently assign a grade, district-level administrators, and School Board members.  

    • Your photo: High resolution jpeg or print. Yearbook photos are ideal. The selection committee does not see photos. Photos are used for publicity purposes after Finalists have been named.

    Responses should be typed and double-spaced with at least one-inch margins. The font size must be 12 points or larger. All pages should be paper clipped together. Please do not submit notebooks, folders, etc. The application must be submitted to the Public Communications Office by 4:30 p.m. Thursday, February 16, 2017.

    The documents may be sent by fax to 281-641-1058 and the photo delivered separately, may be delivered in person or by interoffice mail to the Public Communications Office/Administration Building, or may be sent by email with the cover sheet scanned and the jpeg attached to valonia.walker@humble.k12.tx.us