Guidelines for Parents to Follow In Case of a School Emergency 

  • Humble ISD is committed to providing a safe environment for students, staff, parents and visitors. We work closely with national, state, and local safety officials – police, fire, emergency medical services and public health – in order to ensure our schools are well prepared for an emergency. Together, we have developed a comprehensive Emergency Operations Plan that serves as a guide to help staff and our public safety partners respond swiftly should a crisis occur in our schools.

    As a parent, how can you prepare for a school emergency?

    • Provide accurate emergency contact information to your child’s school and notify the school if this information changes.
    • If you have Internet access, go to the Humble ISD website and save it in your “favorites” for easy access.
    • Opt-in to receive text alerts.

    What should you do during a school emergency?

    When a school emergency has occurred, parents can get important information and directions by:

    • Visiting
    • Tuning in to local television and radio stations for news alerts. During an emergency, we can anticipate that phone lines into the effected school(s) may be blocked. To avoid delaying emergency responders, we ask that parents wait to receive important information from school officials before going to the school or scene of an emergency.

    You can be confident that accurate and timely information will be released to parents, the public, and the media during any emergency incident.

    Evacuations and Reunification: If the school is evacuated, how will I be able to locate my child?

    Evacuation procedures are implemented during an emergency situation when it is determined that students and staff will be safer at a location away from the campus. Each school has identified primary, secondary and tertiary evacuation locations.

    Each school also has a procedure for helping parents locate their child during an evacuation.

    Parents will be directed to a specific location where they will be required to show proper identification. Remember, a student can only be released to a parent/guardian or an adult who is documented as an emergency contact. If you are a non‐custodial parent, you must be listed in your child’s emergency contact information as a guardian and you must show proper identification.

    Humble ISD is prepared for an emergency.

    As a parent, you should feel confident in knowing that we provide, on an annual basis, emergency management training to school administrators. Each school has key staff members with assigned roles and responsibilities to perform during an emergency. The school district’s Emergency Operations Plan is modeled after the National Incident Management System (NIMS) that has been developed by the Department of Homeland Security. In addition, every school conducts emergency drills throughout the school year, so that students and staff are aware of the most effective and safe emergency responses.

    If you see something, say something.

    Ensuring school safety is everyone’s responsibility – staff, students, parents and the entire community. Please report any concerns to school administration, Humble ISD Police (281-641-7900) or through the Humble ISD iHelp app. By working in partnership, we keep our schools safe and students focused on learning.


    LOCKDOWN (A “lockdown” will be announced)

    A lockdown is an emergency course of action necessary when there is a threat very near or  INSIDE the building, such as an intruder.  Students and staff will move away from sight and maintain silence until first responders end the lockdown. 

    LOCKOUT (A “lockout“ will be announced)

    Lockout is a course of action necessary when incidents arise during the school day OUTSIDE of the school building that can pose a threat to students and staff safety and well-being.  This threat requires school administrators to restrict students and staff movement throughout the building and restrict access into the building.  This means that parents will not be admitted and students will not be released to parents while the school is under lockout status.

    SHELTER-IN-PLACE Definition (A “Shelter-In-Place” will be announced)

    "Shelter-in-place" is an emergency course of action requiring everyone to immediately shelter where they are to avoid adverse conditions in the outside environment.  Shelter-in-place can be used for incidents where it would be more dangerous to evacuate the building.. Local authorities may instruct us to "shelter-in-place" if chemical or radiological contaminants are released into the environment. It is important to listen to TV or radio to understand whether the authorities wish you to merely remain indoors or to take additional steps to protect yourself and your family. 

    Contact Information

    For any emergency situation call 911.

    To contact the Humble ISD Emergency Dispatch Center 24 hours a day call 281-641-7900

    Humble ISD Emergency Management and Safety can be contacted during regular business hours by calling 281-641-8187 or 24 hours a day at 281-641-7900.

    If you have any crime tips or safety concerns you can call the Humble ISD TIPS and Safety Hotline at 281-641-8477 24 hours a day, as well as reporting concerns through the Humble ISD iHelp app.