• 2019 Region

    Texas State Jr. Classical League Winners:
    Preston Ellis - 1st place Latin Oratory
    Alyssa Stringer - 1st place Research Paper; 3rd place Girls Costume
    Patricia Cacanindin & Isabella Robles - 1st place Scrapbook
    Tatyana Havranek - 1st place Cartoons; 5th place Club T-shirt Design
    Anton Ramirez - 1st place State T-shirt Design
    Kendall Wilburn - 2nd place Computer Enhanced Photography; 4th place Creative Writing; 5th place Mythology
    Maxx Scott & Madison Rolliard - 2nd place Multi-Media Presentation
    Daisy Killian - 4th place Latin Mottoes & Quotations; 4th place Poetry
    Anthony Perry - 4th place Mosaics
    William Gray - 5th place Greek History
    Aurora Webb - 5th place Photography

    2019 State winners

    Houston Area Regional Latin Winners:
    William Gray - 1st place Greek History
    Preston Ellis - 1st place Latin Oratory; 4th place Decathlon
    Patricia Cacanindin - 1st place Latin Vocabulary
    Aurora Webb - 1st place Ancient Geography; 2nd place Photography
    Emily French - 1st place Models
    Faith Padgett - 1st place Latin Mottoes & Quotations
    Jessica Nickell - 1st place Latin Literature
    Isabella Robles - 1st place Greek Derivatives
    Faith Padgett - 1st place Latin Mottoes & Quotations
    Alyssa Stringer - 1st place Costume; 2nd place Roman Life
    Tatyanna Havranek - 1st place Club T-shirt Design; 4th place Latin Derivatives
    Maxx Scott & Madison Rolliard - 1st place Multimedia; 4th place Latin Mottoes and Quotations
    Garrett Gardner - 1st place Roman Catapult
    Lizzie Worn-Wilkerson - 2nd place Mythology
    Daisy Killian- 2nd place Latin Mottoes & Quotations; 5th place Poetry
    Rachel Hoyme - 2nd place Greek Derivatives
    Kelsie Brautigam - 2nd place Roman Life
    Amya Nunnery - 2nd place Electronic Art
    Kendall Wilburn - 3rd place Mythology
    Madison Graffmiller - 3rd place Textiles
    Taylor Boehm - 4th place Mixed Media
    Grace Galvan - 4th place Greek Life & Literature


  • Nationals

    (Pictured Left to Right) - Leonard Randolph; Shawn Jennings, Sponsor; Lauren Dumont; Lizzie Worn-Wilkerson; Kendall Wilburn and Faith Padgett.  (Anthony Perry not pictured). 


    The 65th Annual National Jr. Classical League Convention

    The 65th Annual National Jr. Classical League Convention was held July 23rd-28th, 2018 at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

    Six (6) amazing Latin students from AHS competed at the National Jr. Classical League Convention and won MANY awards!  Over 2000 Latin and Greek students from 32 states across the nation attended and competed at the convention.  I am proud to say that all six (6) AHS Latin students are NATIONAL AWARD WINNERS!

    These students spent many hours during the first six (6) weeks of summer vacation studying Latin and creating classically themed art projects to enter in various competitions at the convention.

    Here is a list of their achievements:

    • Leonard Randolph - (rising AHS Junior) 1st place Watercolor; 2nd place Constructed Charts; 2nd place Sculpture, 2nd place Greeting Cards; 3rd place Ink; 4th place Colored Pencil; 4th Place Small Model; 5th Place Chalk; 6th place Acrylic; 6th place Pottery and 7th place Mixed Media.  Because of these accomplishments, Leonard Randolph is ranked 5th in the Nation in NJCL Graphic Arts, and has earned a distinguished medal.
    • Kendall Wilburn - (rising AHS Senior) - 1st Place Computer Enhanced Photography.
    • Lauren Dumont - (rising Sophomore) - 1st place Constructed Charts; 1st place Computer Enhanced Photography; 3rd place Traditional Photography; 4th place Latin Literature; 5th place Essay.
    • Faith Padgett - (rising AHS Senior) - 2nd place Computer Enhanced Photography; 3rd place Constructed Charts; 3rd place Club Scrapbook; and 6th place State Scrapbook.  Faith is the Historian this year for the Texas State Jr. Classical League, and is on the student board of State JCL Officers for Texas.
    • Lizzie Worn-Wilkerson - (rising AHS Senior) - 10th place Essay.
    • Anthony Perry - (rising AHS Junior) - 2nd place Graphic Design for State T-Shirt.

    Please join me in congratulating these students on a job well done!