• Atascocita High School Choir Booster Club

  • Scholarship Information

What is the Purpose of the Scholarship?

  • The AHS Choir Booster Club Scholarship program is designed to recognize dedication to the AHS Choir program during a student’s high school years and to assist deserving students in attaining their educational goals.

How many scholarships are there? What amounts are given?

  • The number and amount of the scholarships to be awarded will be determined on an annual basis by the Selection Committee. In the event that scholarship funds are not claimed by December 31 of the calendar year in which the funds are awarded, those funds will revert back to the scholarship fund.

Who is eligible to apply for a scholarship?

  • For a student to be eligible to apply for a scholarship, he/she must meet the following basic requirements at the time of application:

    • Applicant must be a graduating senior from Atascocita High School.
    • Applicant must not have had a failing six weeks or semester grade during their senior year.
    • Applicant must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) or higher.
    • Applicant must have participated in the AHS choir program for a minimum of two (2) years.
    • Applicant must have a desire to continue involvement in music.
    • Previous recipients are not eligible.

How are scholarship recipients chosen?

  • To be awarded a scholarship, eligible students must:

    • Meet all Eligibility Criteria defined above.
    • Selection will be based on a maximum score of 100 and will be determine as follows:
      • Letter Jacket Points will be worth a maximum of 40 scholarship points. Letter jacket points are used to gauge the applicant’s participation in choir activities.  These are assigned throughout each school year for various functions in which the choir participates. All points earned during the applicant’s high school years will be totaled and divided by four to determine points for this category. Any student with 160+ letter jacket points will receive the maximum 40 points, 156 letter jacket points would receive a score of 39.
      • Essays will be worth a maximum 30 points. Each essay should be submitted per the application procedures listed above. Essays will be scored by five (5) people outside the Choir Department and Booster Club. Each judge may assign a maximum of 30 points. The highest and lowest scores will be discarded and the average will be taken from the other three scores. Judges will be asked to grade the essays keeping the following ideas in mind:
        • Organization of thoughts
        • Correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation
        • Creativity
        • Passion toward the topic
      • Attitude will be worth maximum of 20 points. Attitude is based on the applicant’s positive behavior, cooperative nature, and respect of others. Conduct in and out of all classes may be considered. This score will be determined by the Choir Directors.
      • Attendance for all Senior year classes will be worth a maximum of 10 points. One point will be subtracted for every unexcused absence. Ten or more unexcused absences will result in zero points.

    Please note:

    • A minimum score of 90 points is required for scholarship consideration.
    • Selected scholarship winners will be announced at the annual Choir Banquet.

How do I apply? When is my application due?

  • Scholarship General Information document and Application form will be made available each year from the AHS Choir Director as part of the Choir Handbook.

    Complete Application Packets must be received by the AHS Choir Department no later than the date specified in the Choir Handbook on the Senior Choir Activities Page (date may vary based on school calendar). Packet must include the following:

    1. A completed, legible scholarship application form.
    2. An essay (1-3 pages typed) on the topic “How choir has positively affected my life & why I want to continue my involvement in music.”
    3. A cover page must be submitted containing applicant name. Do not put name on any other page(s).
    4. AHS in-school transcript showing GPA.
  • *All this information and the Application can be found in the Choir Handbook.*