How to Login to the computer network:


    1. Click your mouse pointer in the username field.

    2. Your username is 10 characters long in this format:  xxxxxx####  (6 letters and 4 numbers), all lower case and not spaces.
      The letters come from your name and the numbers come from your student ID (lunch number)
      The first 3 letters of your first name + the first 3 letters of your last name + the last 4 numbers of your Student ID.

      ex.:  John Smith  375298     username is:  johsmi5298
    3. Press the Tab key Tab Key (or use your mouse) to move the cursor to the password field.

    4. Type your password in the box.  It is 8 characters long in this format: xx####xx (2 letters, 4 numbers, then the same 2 letters again), all lower case and no spaces.

    5. Press the Enter key Enter Key (or use your mouse to click on the arrow) to log on.
    How to Login to your Google Account:
    1. Using Chrome browser, choose any link or web address to a Google application (e.g. mail, docs, classroom, etc.)

    2. Your username is ( first 3 letters of your firstname+ first 3 letters of your lastname as it appears in the eSchool gradebook) + (last four digits of ID #) + (@humbleisd.net)

      ex: micmou9876@humbleisd.net 

    3. Your password is the same as your computer network password.
    4. When logged in to a district computer, it is not necessary to also log in to your Google account.
    5. Chromebook logins do not require the "@humbleisd.net", it is already populated on the login screen.