P hysical  T herapy:  

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    Physical therapy is provided as a related service in the school setting if the unique skills of a physical therapist are needed to assist students in achieving educational goals.  Physical therapy intervention is most often needed to address student needs in the areas of positioning for access throughout the school day, mobility throughout all school settings and the environmental arrangement of the student’s various school settings.  As a result, physical therapy services may take place in a variety of locations, including the classroom, cafeteria, restroom, playground, playing fields, bus and community learning venues.  Students benefit from a wide array of intervention methodologies as therapists collaborate with staff and family.  This may include working directly with the student, providing ongoing consultative and training services for staff and family members and providing equipment when needed.   Physical therapy is an evidenced-based practice, integrating research evidence, clinical expertise and the unique values and circumstances of the student when developing recommendations to meet his or her needs.

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  • Meredith Koerner, PT, MSPT
    Related Services Coordinator

    Elizabeth Pinkley, PT, DPT
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