Supreme Court Justices
    Mr. Campbell
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    e  xplain your assignment.
    • Supreme Court Justice Biography Assignment:

      You will write a one page biography on a Supreme Court Justice, either current or past.  You need to cite your work.

      Items needed:

      ·         Place of Birth

      ·         Age

      ·         When they were appointed-If not currently serving, when did they retire.

      ·         Who appointed them

      ·         Their political party (Republican or Democrat)

      ·         Where they went to Law School

      ·         Last job before being appointed.

    • Formulate a plan for your research.

    analyze possible sources to use.
    • Books

    Use Destiny to help you find a book.  destiny

    • Databases
    The following databases can be used to search biographical information including book articles, newspapers, images, essays, etc.  If you are accessing these outside a school computer you will need the usernames and passwords.  Please stop by the circulation desk for a list of these.  For this project you may also find it helpful to have a free Harris County Public Library card.  With this card you may access their biography database list at the bottom.


    Still having trouble?  Use the following search engine.  It works just like Google or Bing without the extra stuff.


    g o get your information. 

    • Notetaking organizers developed by you or your teacher can be very helpful.
    • Outlines can be created quickly and easily in a word processing program. Include your notes under the appropriate subtopics.
    • Library Source Forms can be useful because they show you what types of information you need for various sources, the correct MLA format, as well as an example.



    l earn to paraphrase, summarize, quote and accurately cite all researched information.

    • Lessons in the classroom will help you understand the difference between paraphrasing, summarizing and quoting information.
    • Be sure you understand plagiarism so that it can be avoided!
    • Record all bibliographic information as you take notes.
      • Be ready to cite your information accurately according to MLA format


    e  stablish your notes and create a first draft and any other documentation your project requires.

    s ize it up!
    • Did I evaluate the quality of my information?
      • Is it reliable and documented correctly?
    • Have I considered my audience?
      • Are my ideas presented in a logical progression?
      • Is my point of view clearly stated?
      • Did I use MLA format, parenthetical documentation, and include a Works Cited page?
    • Go for the A!