•   AMS Amazing Race
    AMS Amazing Race

    Challenge Principal Koehler...
    For the 5th year, AMS is doing a spin-off of the popular reality game show, AMAZING RACE! Karl Koehler, Principal, will be making a trek around the "world of AMS students" for approximately 10 days. At every "student destination," Mr. Koehler will take the challenge of being a student -- possibly your child -- for 15 minutes. 
    Principal Koehler will be YOUR CHILD for 15 minutes doing whatever activity he/she would do in their normal daily schedule -- inside or outside of school! If Mr. Koehler cannot perform your CHALLENGE, then you earn lunch with you and a friend in Mr. Koehler’s office. Mr. Koehler will be your child at a football practice, cheer at the football game, take a test in your child’s place, perform a ballet at the local dance studio, do laps at early morning swim practice, or WHATEVER your child does in their normal daily/weekly routine!  Can he meet your challenge?
    Over the past 2 years Principal Koehler participated in: AMS cheerleading at the football, competitive cheerleading practice, Beginner Band trumpet class, Alliance soccer goalie practice, Challenge soccer practice, playing video games at a house, running the mile at girls' Athletics & PE, doing warm-up drills in boys' PE, Foods for Today cooking class, Volleyball drills and exercises, and much more.
    Make a gift at the "Communicator - 100!" level or higher by September 30th to either challenge Mr. Koehler in the AMS Amazing Race or have a chance to challenge him.