• Humble Independent School District

    2016-2017 Super Staffer Awards

    Humble ISD values employees who go above and beyond to meet the needs of our students.  Beginning in October and running through June, three Humble ISD employees will be recognized at a school board meeting for demonstrating excellence in work performance and their positive contributions in support of Humble ISD's mission.  The three employees will represent one of the following: elementary campuses, secondary campuses or support departments.
    Below are a few examples of behaviors the Super Staffer program wants to recognize:
       • An employee comes up with a way to improve a process that results in a positive and efficient end result.

       • An employee reaches out to include others and fosters an extraordinary sense of teamwork during the development of a new program.

       • An employee provides outstanding service to a stakeholder that results in a dramatic improvement of the stakeholder's perception of Humble ISD.
       • An employee personally relates to a student or group of students in a way that results in significant achievement for that student or group of students.  

       • An employee trains a colleague in a system/procedure that improves the school’s/office’s overall level of proficiency. 

    How to Nominate an Employee:

    We invite nominations to be submitted from campuses, the Instructional Support Center, the Administration Building and the Support Services department. By the deadline listed below, the designated person from your campus/building should submit this form to nominate someone for the District Super Staff program. 
    All nominations received by the deadline date will be eligible for district recognition that month. Nominations received after that date will be held until the next monthly drawing.
    To submit a nomination for Super Staffer, click here.  
    As a reminder, nominations should come from building principals only.


    The Deadlines for submission of nominees are as follows:

    September 30th for the October board meeting
    October 28th for the November board meeting
    December 2nd for the December board meeting
    December 16th for the January board meeting
    February 3rd for the February board meeting
    March 3rd for the March board meeting
    March 31st for the April board meeting
    April 28th for the May board meeting
    May 26th for the June board meeting


    Sponsorship Opportunities are Available: Community members and businesses can sponsor the monthly awards.  District sponsors of the Super Staffer Award will receive:


    ·         Face to face opportunities before the Humble ISD School Board members;

    ·         Pictures with the award winners on the district website for the sponsored month;
    ·         Recognition by the campus communities of the three awarded individuals; and
    ·         Recognition through the district’s email announcement system on Fridays with links back to the sponsor’s business website for the month.


    Potential sponsors should contact Jerri Monbaron at 281-641-8143 for more information.