Welcome to English III: American Literature! I am excited to share my love of literature with you!  Our class is designed to be a survey course of great American writers.  Together we will use our skills as communicators to effectively analyze and explore various selections found within the United States and globally.  Dedicate yourselves to developing your critical thinking and writing skills as we trace the birth of the American Dream from 1492 to the present.
    Please look through the sub-categories to the left for any specific handouts you may need. The expectation with absences, is that whenever possible, the student should know what they missed. Please be diligent in your awareness of the class workload, and I will be diligent in updating this website.
    This class will also be using Google Classroom to keep assignment, handouts, and everything else organized. The login information and set up instructions can be found in the General Handouts tab to the left.