US History Team 2019-2020 Syllabus

    This syllabus is tentative and may be subject to change.

    Important Dates Topics Covered during unit

    WEEK 1 (Aug 12th- Aug 16th) Welcome/First Day Issues INDUSTRY AND IMMIGRATION (1865-1914) 1.1 Innovation Boosts Growth 1.2 Big Business Rises

    WEEK 2 (Aug 19th- Aug 23st ) 1.2 Big Business Rises 1.1-1.3 Quiz 1.3 The Organized Labor Movement Wednesday the 21st/Thursday the 22nd 1.4 The New Immigrants - NATIVISM

    WEEK 3 (Aug 26th –Aug 30th) Test: COVERING 1.1 TO 1.3 1.4 The New Immigrants - NATIVISM Wednesday the 28th/Thursday the 29th 1.5 A Nation of Cities

    WEEK 4 (Sept 2nd- Sept 6th ) No School Monday Sept 2nd 1.6 New Ways of Life /Test Review Quiz: 1.4-1.6 quiz Wednesday the 4th/Thursday the 5th (Blue Thursday Sept 5th)


    WEEK 5 (Sept 9th-Sept 13th) 2.1 American Indians Under Pressure TEST TWO COVERING 1.4 TO 1.6 2.2 The West is Transformed Wednesday the 11th/Thursday the 12th


    WEEK 6 (Sept 16th- Sept 20th) Quiz: 2.1-2.4 2.3 Corruption Plagues the Nation Wednesday 18th/Thursday 19th Farming Game 2.3 Corruption Plagues the Nation


    Week 7 (Sept 23rd-Sept 27th) 2.4 Farm Issues and Populism Test Three Covering 2.1-2.4 3.2 Women Gain Rights Research / Production Wednesday the 25th/Thursday the 26th 3.3 Striving for Equality 3.4 Reformers in the White House

    Week 8 (Sept 30th-Oct 4th) Project

    Not School October 7th-11th

    Week 9 (Oct 14th-Oct 18th) Project End of 9 Weeks Progressive Commercial Due


    Week 10 (Oct 21st-Oct 25th) TEST 4 COVERING 3.1 TO 3.4 Test Review Wednesday 23rd/Thursday 24th 3.5 American Influence Grows 3.6 The Spanish American War

    Week 11 (Oct 28th-Nov 1st)

    Quiz: 3.5-3.7 3.6 The Spanish American War Wednesday the 30th/Thursday 31st 3.7 The U.S. Emerges as a World Power

    Week 12 (Nov 4th-Nov 8th) 4.1 Causes of World War One 4.1 America Enters World War One 4.1 Battlefield Conditions

    Week 13 (Nov 11th-15th) 4.2 The Home Front During WWI TEST SIX COVERING 3.5 TO 4.3 4.3 The End of World War One Wednesday the 13th/Thursday the 14th Test Review

    (Nov 18th-Nov 22nd) 4.4The Postwar Economy Booms Quiz 4.4-4.8 4.5 Government in the 1920’s
    Wednesday 28th/Thursday 29th 4.6 An Unsettled Society 4.7 The Roaring Twenties 4.8 The Harlem Renaissance/ Test Review


    No school November 25th-29th


    Week 14 (Dec 2nd-Dec 6th) 5.1 Causes of the Depression TEST SEVEN COVERING 4.4 TO 4.8 5.2 Americans Suffer Wednesday the 4th/Thursday the 5th 5.3 and 5.4 Expanding The New Deal (Blue Thursday Dec 5th)

    Week 15 (Dec 9th-Dec 13th) 5.5Effects of the New Deal/5.6 Depression Culture/Test Quiz: 5.1-5.6 Final Review Wednesday 11th/Thursday 12th Final Review (Blue Thursday Dec 12th)


    WEEK 16 (Dec 16th-19th) Finals Week