• Syllabus Signature Sheet

    Course Description and Goals: Welcome to Chemistry!  This class will be a fun, fast-paced introduction to the world of chemistry. Students will be expected to spend time outside of class each day in order to keep up and be prepared. At the conclusion of the course, students will have been introduced to the major topics in chemistry, and will have developed the essential skills (especially math, critical thinking and scientific reasoning) to continue to chemistry at the college level. 


    Supplies Needed:     General materials: paper, pen/pencil, notebook designated for chemistry. (Optional: Graphing Calculator)


    Guidelines for Success:

    1. Students are expected to have required materials for class every day.
    2. Students will be responsible for any assignments, labs, or tests that were given while he/she was absent.
    3. Any questions regarding make-up tests or labs will need to be addressed before school, after school, or during lunch. Five minutes before the bell rings is not sufficient time to ask questions about school work.  Sending an email is a great way to find out about missed work.
    4. Students are expected to be a positive participant in the classroom.
    5. Students will adhere to the Atascocita High School policy and requirements for absences, tardies, dress code, discipline, late work and all other rules and regulations as explained in the student handbook.
    6. Always use safety precautions while doing labs.
    7. Complete all assignments on time; be mindful of penalty for late work and for rules regarding eligibility for reassessment.
    8. Be sure to check the tutoring schedule. There are many great chemistry teachers at our school. A list of times can be found on my website (go to the AHS homepage, click on the Teacher Website link, find me by my last name). All morning tutoring times are by appointment and passes only.


    Classroom Rules/Expectations:

    1. Expect: Come to class prepared with all assignments completed.
    2. Exert: Participate in all class activities and procedures.
    3. Respect: The teacher, others, & yourself.
    4. Follow classroom social and safety contracts.


    Consequences for Violating Classroom Rules:

    1. Verbal warning
    2. Teacher conference
    3. Parent conference
    4. Referral




    AHS Grading Policy

    Grades are weighted as follows:

                Level Courses: 60% Summative, 40% Formative

                Pre-AP/AP/Dual Courses: 70% Summative, 30% Formative

    • All grades are an assessment of an academic skill, concept, or performance.
    • Grades based on behaviors are reflected in conduct grades.
    • Major or summative assessments are defined as tests, projects, lab reports, etc.
    • Minor or formative assessments are defined as quizzes, daily grades, homework, etc.
    • There will be a minimum of 3 major summative assessments per nine weeks.
    • The minimum number of grades is 2 grades per week.
    • Grades cannot be doubled or tripled to meet minimum requirements.
    • Grades are posted at least once a week and published to parents and students through eSchool.
    • All assignments will be entered into the gradebook before the start of the week in which the assignment is assigned or communicated weekly via the teacher/parent contact source.
    • Parents will be contacted by phone when a student fails a class for the nine weeks.
    • Grading Scale:


    • 90-100 A
    • 80-89 B
    • 70-79 C
    • 0-69 F

    Reassessment Policy

    • Re-teach and reassessment is mandatory when a teacher has determined that 50% or more of the class has failed to meet the mastery standard of 70% on a summative grade.
    • A student has the opportunity to reassess a summative grade of less than 85 a maximum of once a grading period. The maximum grade on the reassessment will be an 85. Students must make and understand corrections to original summative test and complete all formative assignments to be eligible for reassessment. Reassessments must be offered with 1 calendar week of the date in which the original graded assessment was returned. Students must make arrangements to attend the re-teach and reassessment date set by the teacher if reassessment is done outside of school hours.


    ** Students may not be able to reassess the last test of the 9 weeks if time does not permit.



    Original Grade

    Reassessment Grade

    Reported Grade























    Not Eligible

    Original Grade




    Late Work Policy

    All Atascocita High School teachers will utilize the following late work policy for all classes, regardless of level.

    • Late daily work will be accepted up to 5 school days after the due date with a penalty of 20 points per day.
    • The maximum penalty for a summative assignment completed within the 9 weeks is 30 points.
    • Assignments turned in after the end of the school day are considered late.


    Conduct Grades



    N-Needs Improvement



    Any student receiving a conduct grade of N or U must have documented disciplinary incidents and parents must be contacted by phone.


    Online Work:  Some AHS teachers assign homework that can be completed electronically via a web-based application. Since these assignments can be assigned and made due at any time on any day, students must stay aware of deadlines. It is expected that teachers communicate the deadlines in class, in writing, and electronically as appropriate. Students should make every effort to access the assignment via their own computer, phone, or library computer.

    -Late work policies and penalties do apply to online work.



    -Cheating on an assignment or test will result in zero being recorded for that assignment or test.  In addition, cheating is considered a conduct violation and is subject to additional disciplinary measures as discussed in the Student Code of Conduct.


    -AHS students found cheating or plagiarizing (cheating) will be receive a minimum violation of 2 Saturday detentions and will be ineligible to exemption final exams.


    -The following guideline is used at Atascocita to define and discipline for plagiarism. Additional information can be found at


    -All of the following are considered plagiarism:

    • turning in someone else's work as your own
    • copying words or ideas from someone else without giving credit
    • failing to put a quotation in quotation marks
    • giving incorrect information about the source of a quotation
    • changing words but copying the sentence structure of a source without giving credit
    • copying so many words or ideas from a source that it makes up the majority of your work, whether you give credit or not


    Tutoring Schedule: All chemistry teachers will have tutoring after school until approximately 3:30 unless stated otherwise by individual teacher.


    Mr. Blair           Room 2317 Afterschool Monday and Friday until 3:25

    Mrs. Block       Room 2418 Afterschool Wednesday and Thursday until 3:25

    Mr. Mulder       Room 2419 Before school Monday(6:45-7:15) and Afterschool Tuesday until 3:25


    Classroom Procedures

    During the week you can expect to have whole group instruction, lab and practice time, homework and small group activities.


    Restroom: No passes will be issued in the first or last 10 minutes of class. A maximum of 3 restroom passes will be given during a nine-weeks period.


    Beginning of Class: Be in your seat when the bell rings with all necessary supplies


    Paper and Pen/Pencil: You should always have paper and a pen or pencil. If you forgot, be sure you get what you need before class begins. First, ask a neighbor. If no one has one, then ask the teacher. Asking after the lesson has started is not acceptable.


    Whole Group Instruction:

    1. DO NOT get out of your seat while I am teaching for any reason (i.e. throwing away trash, or sharpening a pencil).
    2. DO NOT ask to go to the restroom.
    3. DO NOT try to talk over me while I am giving instructions.
    4. You may address your neighbor using a “3 inch” voice for on-topic issues, otherwise please no talking.
    5. Raise your hand if you have any questions.
    6. Cell phones, electronics, homework from other classes, and books should be put away during this time.


    Small Group Instruction/Lab and Independent practice (class work):

    1. All safety rules are to be followed during a lab. NO EXCEPTIONS.
    2. All group members should be participating in the activity.
    3. If you have a question, ask a classmate UNTIL I can assist you. Someone in the room knows the answer to your question (other than me).


    Tardy to Class: Go to the sweep station. Please do not knock on the door until you have a pass (you will not be admitted without one, no exceptions).


    Finding out Grade Status:

    1. If you have questions about grades, make-up work, re-tests, and labs, please make an effort to come see me before or after school. E-mail is also a great way to have questions answered.
    2. Grades will be updated weekly on HAC, please activate your log-in to track your progress.


    Student Responsibilities after an Absence: If you have questions about grades, make-up work, re-tests, and labs, please make an effort to come see me before or after school, or check the board in the classroom. E-mail is also a great way to have questions answered. This is your responsibility. “I didn’t know” is not acceptable. Please remember to follow HISD absence policies.


    Finding Daily Assignments: Please check the board or google classroom for all assignments and due dates.


    Turning in Assignments: I will collect assignments as needed. Please write your name on all work to be turned in. There will be a tray at my desk where you may turn your work in.


    Returning Assignments to Students: Assignments will be returned to students once graded and entered into the grade book, usually the week following their due date. They will be returned before the summative test over that unit with enough time to prepare.


    Late, missing, or incomplete assignments: You will have 4 class days to turn in a late formative assignment after its original due date. Each day that it is late will result in 20 points being taken off from the maximum points available.


    Conduct Grades: These will be given at each progress report and report card. It is a reflection of behavior (not academic achievement) and is dependent on participation and how well you follow class/school expectations and procedures. If you receive a referral to a principal for any reason, you will be assigned a conduct grade below “Satisfactory.”


    Communication with Parents and Family Members: I will maintain my website with class notes and assignments. I will also email and call parents as needed on an individual basis. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns throughout the year!


    Ending Class:

    1. All supplies should be put up at the end of the period.
    2. All completed homework should be turned in.
    3. No books should be left out and all calculators/clickers should be put back in the correct numbered slot.
    4. After all supplies have been put away, students MUST remain in their seats until the bell rings.



    When a student is caught cheating on a formative assessment, he/she will receive a zero with no option of making up that assignment. It is up to the student to be informed as to whether an assignment is group work or individual work. Cheating on a summative assessment will result in a zero, and the student will be reported to the assistant principal for further investigation and/or consequences.


    Consequences for Plagiarism: In order to promote an atmosphere of academic integrity, suspected instances of plagiarism will be reported to the assistant principal for further investigation. This also includes lab reports. All work should be original.


    I am looking forward to a great year!