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  • **Updated 08/18/2018**

    We will be implementing a Red Zone for the school year to prevent an abuse of the below stated uses for phones and electronic devices. 

    My classroom rules for cellphone and electronics use are:

    • You may not text, snap chat, make calls, take pictures, videos, etc while I am giving instruction and while you are working independtly
    • During tests you can listen to music but your phone must be face down on the table and outside your privacy folder AT ALL TIMES if not that WILL result in a Referral. 
    • During presentations you are not allowed to have your phone out at all -- all attention is to be given to the presenter.
    • Once we have completed our work I will allow you to use your phone as long as what you are doing is school appropriate and you are not violating the district cellphone/electronic policies.  
    • It is never ok to make or receive calls during class -- if you have a phone call you need to accept please let me know so that you can step out. If you have a special situation where you are waiting for a call or text let me know in advance. 
    • Failure to comply with the electronics policy will result in an automatic referral. 


    * All of these will be implemented all school year starting from day 1. 


June 11, 2019: Page under construction but Red Zone rules will always be the same.