• Student Expectations By following this link you will find our LOTE Student Expectations and Late work policy

  • To ensure that the classroom is a place that promotes learning, the following rules will be implemented to createmust be followed during class: 

    1. Be in your seat and ready to work when bell rings. 
    2. Bring all materials to class.
    3. NO personal grooming during class time (this includes make-up, nail care, dental care,etc).
    4. Follow directions the first time they are given.
    5. Be Respectful and helpful to others.

    *School wide discipline policies will be enforced at all times. 

    Consequences of Breaking a Rule:  Order will depend on the issue being addressed

    1. Verbal Warning and a Time-Out or Referral.*
    2. Call Home and/or to Coach and/or Referral.*
    3. Referral  

    *Teacher detention may be given along with Consequence 1 and 2.

    I will be implementing a Red Zone for the school year to prevent an abuse of the below stated uses for phones and electronic devices. 

    My classroom rules for cellphone and electronics use are:

    • You may not text, snap chat, instagram, make calls, take pictures, videos, etc while I am giving instruction and while you are working independtly. 
    • During presentations you are not allowed to have your phone out at all -- all attention is to be given to the presenter - failure to follow this rule will affect your presentation grade.
    • Once we have completed our work I will allow you to use your phone as long as what you are doing is school appropriate and you are not violating the district cellphone/electronic policies.  
    • It is never ok to make or receive calls during class -- if you have a phone call you need to accept please let me know so that you can step out. If you have a special situation where you are waiting for a call or text let me know in advance. 
    • Failure to comply with the electronics policy will result in an automatic referral. 


     All of these will be implemented all school year starting from day 1. 

     updated 08/07/2019