• Class Room Procedures & Protocols

    • Come to class on time. 
    • Be prepared to learn with supplies-pencil/pen, paper.
    • Students may not leave the classroom the first 10 minutes, or the last 10 minutes, of the class period.
    • Follow rules for responsible computer and network use as outlined in the Humble ISD Responsible Use Policy.
    • Complete all assignments to the best of your individual ability.
    • Treat each other students, adults, and visitors to the classroom with respect.
    • Do not bring food or drink into the classroom.
    • Do not use cellphones in the classroom without permission and do not use outlets and USB ports to charge cellphones


    Check in at the door:

    • Name badge must be around neck, must in dress code.
    • Late- Must have a pass to enter class.
    • Go to assigned SEAT & Cell Phone need to be put AWAY.


    • Take responsibility for your own work and actions.
    • Listen when other are speaking-no interruption or side conversations.
    • Stay in your seats until releases by the teacher.


    • You must realize that an absence means you are behind in your work.
    • You are responsible to make up any of your tests and assignments missed.
      You must make an appointment with your teacher before or after school immediately to make-up all work and tests.  


    1. All Students are expected to Respect teacher, fellow students, classroom guest.
    2. Cell Phone 1st Offense - Class C Ticket
    3. Cell Phone 2nd Offense- Class A Misd.-- Email to Parent
    4. Cell Phone 3rd Offense-  State Jail Felony-- Referral to Principal