• Creekwood Beginning Art

    The Art Department of Creekwood Middle School welcomes your child into our program. We look forward to an exciting semester! 
    It is our aim to develop each student's creative abilities, to broaden your child's concepts of art as a universal means of expression, and to gain a basic understanding of various methods and approaches to art. It is our program to furnish each student with a foundation on which to build and strengthen those beginning concepts. We would like your child's life to be enhanced through art. Projects are designed to connect meaningfully to the student's life and other academic subjects.
    Each Beginning Art student is required to:
    • Bring a pencil daily.
    • Bring a simple two pocket folder that will remain in class.
    • Pay a $25.00 art fee to cover consumable materials such as paper, paint, and clay.
    I would appreciate if each student contributes one container of table wipe (ex.Clorox Wipes). Thank you!
    ART Fee Payment:
    You may pay online at humbleisd.revtrak.net