Kacie Oros 
    Room: 3015
    Phone: 281-641-7005
    Department: Science
    Subject: Level Physics 
    I will be using Google Classroom to post videos/worksheets/powerpoints. 
    Log into Google Classroom to find information. 
    Please email or contact me through Google Classroom if you have any questions. 
    Google Classroom Codes: 
    1st Period: crqx546
    2nd Period: hyn3n7b
    3rd Period: 7rn4uun
    5th Period: ugs2kod
    6th Period: aq427bb
    7th Period: cvzor3i
     In the link above you will find PowerPoints and a tentative calendar. 



    1st- Level Physics
    2nd- Level Physics 
    3rd- Level Physics
    4th- Conference 
    5th- Level Physics 
    6th- Level Physics
    7th- Level Physics 
     B Block Lunch Monday and Thursday
    Any morning, except Wednesday (morning duty)
    Any afternoon by request