• Humble ISD Observation Requirements for Teacher Preparation Programs and University Students

    Humble ISD will allow individuals who need to fulfill university or Teacher Preparation Programs requirements to observe teachers as they interact with students in the classroom.

    Our procedures require these individuals to get approval from the campus where she/he wants to observe. The campus must have documentation that the observations are required by the university or Teacher Preparation Program. The Humble ISD campus administrator will determine if the individual can observe and discuss other guidelines for the observation. If approved, the student must bring their driver’s license the day of the scheduled observation to have a visitor badge issued. All visitors in Humble ISD must wear a badge when visiting on any of our campuses.  The student must check in at the front office upon arrival to and departure from the campus.

    Friendly reminders:

    • Individuals approved to observe can watch the classroom teacher as she/he works with individual students or groups of students; they cannot teach nor can they interact with students.
    • The observation period is not the time to look for a job; do not contact principals to schedule interviews, etc.
    • Avoid disturbing the learning process and/or campus procedures
    • Demonstrate professional behavior
    • Wear professional attire