• FAQs

    About the Library
    1. How many books can I check out at once?

    Kinder students may check out one book.  For all other grades, two books may be checked out.  
    2. When are my books due?

    Books are due two weeks from the day you check them out.
    3. What happens if I lose a book?

    If you lose a book, keep looking!  I hope you find it.  If you cannot find it, you must pay the fine for the book.  Fine amounts are different depending on the book.


    4. What happens if I damage a book?

    First of all, damage can mean any of the following: torn pages; torn cover; writing in or on the cover of the book; spilling food or liquids onto the book; and anything that would make the book lose its prettiness. If you damage a book, you will have a fine to pay for the cost of the book.

    5. How do I look for a book in the library?

    Firstly, grab a shelf-marker…and USE IT!  If you need to search for a book, go to a computer terminal and double-click on the red book (Destiny).  If you don't know how to use Destiny, I have included instructions on this website.
    6. Can I come in at any time?

    It depends.  It might be possible for students and even classes to come to the library, but students and teachers need to make sure activities and materials (especially computers) are not being used for the weekly library lesson. This should be discussed with the librarian prior to coming.  The librarian can best assist you when she knows what your needs are beforehand.  This allows her time to prepare.
    7. How should we behave in the library?

    Use quiet voices at all times.  Walk instead of run.  Put books back where they belong.  Be respectful to everyone around you!  No food or drink (except adults).  And don't forget to push in or stack your chairs as directed.  
    8. What if I want a book and the library does not have it?

    If the library owns the book but someone has it checked out, you can place a hold.  When the book becomes available, you can borrow it.


    If the library does not own the book, make a recommendation to purchase the book.  I make orders at the end of every semester.  I can also look to see if another school might let us borrow it or show you how to see what is available at the public libraries in the area.