Employee Self Service
    Specifically, Employee Self Service (ESS) gives employees the ability to monitor and maintain their personal and employment information such as:


    · Receive Department Announcements

    · Directly Access District Forms

    · Change Home Address

    · Change/Add Email Address

    · Change/Add Personal and Emergency Contact Numbers

    · View Dependent Information

    · View Pay/Tax Information

    · View Accrual Balances and History


    Some of these pages allow users to make a transaction or complete a process, while other pages allow users to update or change their own information. Still other pages are available for view in inquiry mode only. All of the data used by Employee Self Service is taken directly from the MUNIS database and an update in ESS also updates MUNIS immediately.


    Accessing the Site



    Logging In
    To Log in to the site, click the Log In link in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
    Your Username will be your MUNIS employee ID Number.

    Ex. John Smith 12345 = 12345


    Your password will be the last four digits of your SSN the first time you ever login. Upon logging in your first time, you will be required to change this initial password. Make sure you remember this password. You will be locked from the system after 5 failed login attempts.


    Your password must be at least 6 characters long.
    Note: User is now logged in and Employee Self Service is added to the Modules list on the left.





    ESS Main Page Breakdown

    1. Location

    2. Announcements

    3. Department Information

    4. Contact Email Link

    5. Resources

    6. Module-Specific Screens


    ESS main


    This is simply a textual guide to where a user is in the module. Starting with Home, the next entry is the Module the user is in, followed by pages and sub-screens.





    The Announcements section is set by an Administrator. All users at a site logged into ESS view the same Announcement. Important information for the entire district could be listed here.




    Department Information

    Department information is another form of Announcement, viewable only by those users associated with a specific department.


    Dept Info


    Contact Email Link

    Also specific to the logged-in user’s department is the Contact Email Link. By clicking on the link, the user’s default e-mail service will open a new message to be sent to the designated recipient.





    Two types of resource links are available: documents uploaded to the web server and links to other web pages. These links are displayed to all users of ESS and are maintained by the administrator. The documents or websites may be accessed simply by clicking on the links.




    Module-Specific Screens

    The heart of Employee Self Service, these pages will be examined individually.




    ESS-Specific Pages

    Personal Information

    Personal Information has both a main page and a sub-screen entitled Employee Profile. Information on the main page includes contact, dependent and emergency information.

    In this example, the user has the ability to update this information. This is a global setting. The administrator will make the determination whether or not to give ESS users update access. If access is given, hit "Change", "Add" or "Delete" to make changes.




    Changes will be immediately effective in MUNIS upon clicking the update button.



    Pay/Tax Information

    This page contains the Payroll information and history found in the MUNIS program Employee Pay History. ESS users can not modify any data in Pay/Tax Information.

    The main page displays payment history records, defaulting to the current year. However, the default may be changed to view past years. You will be able to view your last 12 months of pay history.




    By clicking on the View Details link, Pay Stub information for the specified check may be displayed.




    The W-2 sub-screen displays information regarding Federal and State taxes and

    withholdings, which is pulled from the MUNIS W-2 program.


    The W-4 sub-screen displays information about the user’s W-4. This is inquiry only, no changes can be made from this page.




    Accrual Balances and History can be viewed from the Time Off menu. You can click on the calendar buttons for a detailed view of when the leave was taken.




    Click the Log Out button to end your Self Service session.




    You may close your web Browser once you receive this message