• Humble ISD Human Resources
    10203 Birchridge Drive, Humble, TX 77338 P.O. Box 2000, Humble, TX 77347-2000 Tel. 281-641-8170 Fax: 281-641-1057

Title/Responsibility Name Email Phone
Chief Human Resources Officer Rick Gardner Rick.Gardner@humbleisd.net 281-641-8160
Director of Human Resources - Evaluation, Student Teachers, Grow Your Own Program Erica Gruber Erica.Gruber@humbleisd.net 281-641-8175
Director of Human Resources - Salary, Employment, Recruitment Jamie Tisdale Jamie.Tisdale@humbleisd.net 281-641-8168
Director of Human Resources - At Will Employment Walter Hunt Walter.Hunt@humbleisd.net 281-641-8172
Director of Human Resources - Compensation, Certification, Data Management John Krippel John.Krippel@humbleisd.net 281-641-8164
Compensation Coordinator Deborah Odom Deborah.Odom@humbleisd.net 281-641-8162
Employment Coordinator - Salary, Certification, Data Management Lorrie Dabbs Lorrie.Dabbs@humbleisd.net 281-641-8163
Employee Relations Coordinator Belinda Colby Belinda.Colby@humbleisd.net 281-641-8179
Employment Coordinator - Guest Teachers/Substitutes Diane Henley Diane.Henley@humbleisd.net 281-641-8166
Compensation Assistant - Salary Changes, Service Records Tiffany Edmonson Tiffany.Edmonson@humbleisd.net 281-641-8188
Human Resource Analyst Cecilia Alas Cecilia.Alas@humbleisd.net 281-641-8224
Leave Coordinator YaWytrai Mukes YaWytrai.Mukes@humbleisd.net 281-641-8159
Badges, Leave, and Employee Relations Assistant Lisa Puente Lisa.Puente@humbleisd.net 281-641-8021
HR Assistant - At Will/Substitutes New Hire Paperwork Araceli Rios Araceli.Rios@humbleisd.net 281-641-8167
HR Assistant - At Will/Substitutes New Hire Paperwork Odalys Mendez Odalys.Mendez@humbleisd.net 281-641-8181
HR Assistant - At Will/Substitutes New Hire Paperwork Ana Garcia Ana.Garcia@humbleisd.net 281-641-8137
HR Assistant - New Hire Paperwork Alicia Galarza Alicia.Galarza@humbleisd.net 281-641-8165
HR Assistant - New Hire Paperwork Rhonda Bradley Rhonda.Bradley@humbleisd.net 281-641-8169
HR Assistant - New Hire Paperwork Delilah Galvan Delilah.Galvan@humbleisd.net 281-641-8227
Finger Printing/Certification Delia Cruz Delia.Cruz@humbleisd.net 281-641-8171
Administrative Assistant Tonja Dennis Tonja.Dennis@humbleisd.net 281-641-8160
Compensation Assistant - Salary Changes and Service Records Ashley Ebner Ashley.Ebner@humbleisd.net 281-641-8176