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    NHS Point System Overview 2019-2020 

    NHS Point Form 2019-2020

    Pre-Approval Form for a Non-NHS Event - The pre-approval system is currently active.  Pleaes email all pre-approval requests to our Service VP Christian at serviceahs@gmail.com!


    According to our Bylaws (Appendix B, Article 6), specific deadlines for service hours will be set at the beginning of the school year.  Please see the tables below in order to be aware of the point deadlines for this school year.

    Fall Semester 2019

    Due Date

    Minimum Service Points Required

     1st Nine Weeks Point Check Friday, October 18, 2019 7 points
     2nd Nine Weeks Point Check Friday, December 20, 2019 (Early release - points due by noon) 8 additional points (15 total)
    • At the end of the first semester, students must have at least 7 NHS service points in order to remain in good standing.  The remaining required NHS service points can be earned in the second semester.
    • The 15 points for each semester must be earned by participating in a minimum of 4 total events (NHS-sponsored and non-NHS events combined).

    Spring Semester 2020

    Due Date

    Minimum Service Points Required

     3rd Nine Weeks Point Check Friday, March 20, 2020 7 additional points (22 total)
     Final Senior Point Check Friday, April 24, 2020 8 additional points (30 total)
    4th Nine Weeks Point Check

    Friday, May 22, 2020 (Early release - points due by noon)

    8 additional points (30 total)

    *The Final Senior Point Check only applies to graduating seniors.  All point and event requirements must be met in order to earn your cords for graduation.


    Failure to maintain the minimum service points required at each point check will result in probation.  Please see the probation overview for more details.  If you encounter an error in the points online: First, you should check your own records against what is online. Second, you should contact the NHS Secretary and Chapter Advisers.

    **Any late point forms submitted after the point check deadline do not count toward the member's total points or events.**
    **Events / service hours completed must be submitted during the SAME nine weeks that service was completed.  Any events / service hours turned in at a later nine weeks time period will not count.  (Example: You forgot to add to your point form that you volunteered at the Jesse Jones trail clean up in September, so you add it to your November point form.  The September service date was from the first nine weeks, so the hours should have been submitted by the first point deadline: Friday, Oct. 20th.  The points would not count during the 2nd nine weeks time frame.)
    **Note - If you have a recurring event (repeated dates for event within a nine weeks), you must complete a NEW pre-approval form at the start of a new nine weeks.  Make sure to list the dates that this event occurs on your pre-approval form!  This must be attached EACH nine weeks to your point form.