Dear All Tennis Parents:

        All Humble ISD Athletics is transitioning to an electronic/online participation forms for all athletes and for the purpose of scheduling practices and games.  The name of this program is RANKONE SPORTS.  I am attaching the instructions and guidelines for these forms under the Rank One Tab on the lefthand side of the tennis webpage.  Please, read and download these instructions and complete the required documentation.  This process and these forms must be completed before any athlete can participate in practices, tryouts, or competitions.  If you have any questions, please see or email Coach Castillo. 

    Click Start Online Forms
    Click “I don’t want an account, go to forms”
    Click “I don’t want an account, go to forms” again
    You will need to complete all 5 (6 if applicable) of the forms
    Type in your name, School ID number, and school.
    Read and complete the form with Guardian signatures, and repeat for the other forms.
    Complete all 5 or 6 forms as applicable