•  Atomic Learning

    Why Atomic Learning?
    Atomic Learning's goal as an organization is to be a top quality solutions provider to teachers, staff, and students
    so we can get the greatest impact from the technology our district already has or will be investing in. 
    Atomic Learning is dedicated to keeping up with the constant change in instructional expectations,
    by providing resources that help to effectively manage time,
    build up core skills, address a lack of student engagement and prepare students and staff with critical workplace skills. 
    Check out this video: 

    Atomic Learning provides:
    AL 24/7 online access at work or at home, even on the go
    AL Reports and tools to assign training and monitor progress
    AL Video tutorials on 250+ software applications and tools
    AL Workshops on Integrating the Four C’s
    (Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, and Communication),

    Career Skills, Computer Literacy Basics, Flipping the Classroom, Internet Safety and over 60 more. 
     How do I log onto Atomic Learning?

    Go to: www.atomiclearning.com/login/humble
    and enter your Novel/Active Directory username and password
     You can access Assigned and Recommended trainings by selecting: My Trainings.
    Or explore hundreds of videos for your own personal learning!
    To earn credit for your time in Eduphoria, you will need to electronically save your certificate of completion from Atomic Learning and upload it to Eduphoria for your campus principal or supervisor to approve.
    You can access directions for uploading Out-of-District credit here.